how to: update a tired shirt

i found this little shirt whilst vintage hunting a few days ago. first glance it is quite plain but i could see the potential with a few upcycling tricks. statement collars are a great way to update any shirt, this is how i transformed mine…

1. firstly i removed the sleeves…luckily for me the armhole was topstitched so there was no extra finishing required.

(if you do have to finish the armhole: remove the sleeve leaving enough to turn in and topstitch around)

2. using some hot fix squares (you can use any kind of beading/embellishment)

i laid out different designs on the collar before deciding in which one i liked best.

3. once final design has been decided use a super hot iron applied with pressure to attach them. this should take around 2-3minutes.

note: if you choose to use hot fix, be careful when using super hot irons. if you touch them – ouch!

4. and your done!

please note that this will now be a handwash item due to the delicate collar.



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