Vintage: Quick Fix

I’m not sure about you but sometimes I think I find perfect little vintage dress and then when I come to wear it or post in my shop I find stains/holes. I often like to blame the laundry man but it’s not his fault no matter how much I tell myself. This was the case for this sunshine flower dress:

You can imagine my disappointment when I not only found a hole but stubborn little stains and right smack bang in the centre front of the skirt!

Now, I didn’t stress too much as I thought there must be something I can do to salvage part of the dress. And there was. I changed it from a dress into a cropped summer top! It was a really fast and easy fix, took under 10mins.
From dress to cropped top:

First I cut the skirt from the bodice, this was made simpler due to the topstitching along the seam meaning there was no hemming required.

I wanted to save the ties so I made sure they were clear of the seam so I didn’t snip them in half too.

After trying it on I realised the ties didn’t make much sense without the rest of the dress so I decided to remove the front ones and create pleats, about 1″ wide. I used my sewing machine but this could easily be stitched by hand.

And here you are…

By keeping the back ties it adds a little detail as well as cinching in the back to fit the body.

Perfect for summer!

Have you something that needs a quick fix?



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