Analogue Love


It’s a well known fact that I love film photography, so many things about it excite me. From taking the photos to the end results (especially the end results) I love the process. I am incredibly fortunate to have many a vintage and new film cameras and I thought I would share some of my images with these here.

First up is my favourite the Pentax K1000. It takes by far the best photos – i LOVE it. I have travelled to many places and captured countless images with this gem. I have used standard 35mm film which gives me gorgeous photos but I also love to shoot with the Lomo Redscale XR 50-200 which at the moment is out of stock – I do hope they make some more. This film is the best for sunny trips to the beach or desert as the colours are saturated and have a dreamier quality than regular film.

I don’t shoot nearly as much as I’d like to, must try to change that. Here are some of my favourite images taken on my trusty Pentax.

Analogue Love 1

Siblings on the roadside, Cambodia 2011

Analogue Love 2

Monks, Angkor Wat 2011

Analogue Love 3

Lounging ladies, Bayon Temple Cambodia 2011

Analogue Love 4

Bargin Hunters, Shamshuipo Hong Kong 2013

Analogue Love 5

Palms, Los Angeles 2012

Analogue Love 6

Desert Driving, Route 10 California 2012

Analogue Love 7

Monkey Mountain, Hong Kong 2014

WWII Tunnels, Hong Kong 2014

WWII Tunnels, Hong Kong 2014


vic & lily ❤ angalogue

Happy Photo-taking!




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