Analogue Love

analogue love2

In my opinion you are never too old to play with toys especially when they are toys cameras. My long standing favourite ‘toy’ camera is of course the Diana. I am lucky enough to own an original ‘Made in Hong Kong’ Diana, this was my first and we travelled far and wide together until I took just too many photos with her. Due to a spring malfunction on the aperture switch she had to go in to retirement. (There may have been tears in the back of Johnny’s tuktuk when this was first discovered, what can I say I get attached to things easily.)



Apartments of Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong



Possession Street, Sheung Wan



Johnny, Siem Reap, Cambodia

I loved using the Diana it was so simple and the photos always had an imperfect quality that I really like. And they are square! It wasn’t long before I came into possession of a new Diana F+ CMYK, which allowed me to continue to shoot square gems, and in the dark this time too.


Bare tree, Monkey Mountain, Hong Kong


Lamma Island, Hong Kong


Market Stall, Cat Street, Hong Kong

Nostalgia gets me every time. Love these cameras.




Happy Photo-taking!




One thought on “Analogue Love

  1. Great photos! I have a little toy camera collection myself, but I don’t have the Diana (I have a 35mm Holga, but haven’t had a lot of luck with it)! Looks like it does really amazing things! Thanks for sharing!

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