Analogue Love

holga lomography cameraThe sturdier brother to Diana is the subject of this instalment of Analogue Love. Holga, boxy and slightly more manly in appearance than the Diana is almost the same in function, with the exception of the built in flash – not all models come with flash. I’m not sure why I needed to have one of these bad boys ( I had an overwhelming to desire to own one) but I managed to score this one at a flea market here in HK. It was so much cheaper than the Lomo ones online and I even did some light bartering. Win, win.

We haven’t had quite so many adventures together but when I have taken it out with me recently I have been using Fujichrome Velvia 100F slide film (this will need to be cross processed when developed). This film is best in bright sunny environments which South East Asia provides nicely (and thankfully) I was lucky enough to travel to various spots to capture romantic toy camera moments. As ever light leaks and double exposures are happy accidents. As you will see from my initial snaps I had some trouble with the film advance, at first I was kinda annoyed at myself but really it adds another layer (literally) to what could possible be a boring photo.


Church near Sedona, Holga

Sedona, Arizona 2012

Hong Kong Roads Holga

Hong Kong, 2013

Transport in Seminyak Holga

Street Cruisers, Seminyak Bali 2014

Bohol Street Holga

Barbershop, Bohol 2014

Hong Kong Harbour Holga

View over Hong Kong Harbour, 2014

It really is a super easy to use and handle camera with results that always make me smile. I’m not sure I prefer to the Diana but it is a close call.

If you had to chose which wins Diana or Holga?


Happy Snapping!




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